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Ground level deck or patio

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  • Ground level deck or patio

    Oven is mostly finished and now I need to figure out if I can put a ground level deck or a patio in. I tried to select a spot close to the house (had feedback saying I needed to be near so people would hang with me while I made pizza). Factoring in underground utilites and the septic field, I really didn't have any choice and I had to put the oven in the back, corner of my lot. Now I need to put in a deck or a patio to make it inviting. I have googled ground level deck, but haven't found a lot. Has anyone done one of these? I could also put in a retaining wall and a large brick patio. The sloping ground presents some problems. A picture is attached. Any ideas greatly appreciated. I think I want some seating and a prep area (and yes, I still need to do the stucco ... waiting for some warmer weather). Thanks, Tim

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    Re: Ground level deck or patio


    A patio is definitely doable. With that slope drainage shouldn't be a problem. A ground level deck is also doable. It just depends on whether you'd rather dig or build. Leveling a deck on that will be a bear - but digging for the patio won't be a piece of cake either.

    You might consider a hybrid - a deck down to the patio. The deck could then avoid the most awkward slope and the patio wouldn't have to be dug up to the house.
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      Re: Ground level deck or patio

      I vote for a ground level deck. Use treated wood for your joists on the ground and decking up top. I think it would look great in that setting.
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        Re: Ground level deck or patio

        with a canvas like you have there, you can do anything that your budget ($$$$$'s) will allow. It could take several or more years to 'develop' into your dream area.
        It all depends on what you want to end up with once your oven is completed and producing pizzas, breads and other baked goods.
        Do you want an area for guests to gather and share the pleasures of assembling and cooking?
        How big a patio area will be needed?
        Do I need to excavate/build up or run a deck out over the lower ground?
        What material do I want the area to be covered in?
        Do I want shelter or just shade over and around the oven?
        How big does it need to be?
        Does it need to be water or wind proofed?
        What else needs to be planned within the adjoining are(s)?

        Have you seen the the book by Deborah Krasner, "The new outdoor kitchen" (ISBN -13:978-1-56158-804-6 or ISBN-10: 1-56158-804-0
        It is an excellent reference and has a host of ideas to suit any budget.

        I would look at getting in a small excavator or bobcat and levelling the area, using the spoil to level the lower area and around the oven for access. Large rocks could be used to retain spoil and intensively planted with preferred plants/ground covers.
        Once this is done, you can proceed at your own pace and budget.
        You can end up with anything from a very comprehensive under cover kitchen, or a vine covered pergola/trellis with cement slabs set amongst white gravel or marble chips patio could suffice!


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          Re: Ground level deck or patio

          You might also consider a multilevel deck, that steps up/down the slope of the hill. There will still be some digging involved, but you can buy concrete pads/footings that are poured to lay beams for decking in, on which you can build a ground level deck. Check at HD or Lowes. Pretty simple stuff once you have the footings leveled.
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            Re: Ground level deck or patio

            Thanks everyone for the replies ... I think the advice is good ... think big ... think longterm ... plan it out and take my time and do it right. I'll play around with some ideas and will post back in a few weeks with plans.