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  • ***Pizza Racks***

    Hello all,
    Here are a few pics of "Trivets" my shop teacher used to call them, I use them on the table to put the hot pizza trays on.

    I cut up a scrap section of some 2 x 12 on the table saw into 1/2 inch square stock 12 inches long then nailed them together as shown.

    a good simple project you can throw together on a rainy afternoon, I didnt put any finish on them as I didnt think it would take the heat from the trays.



    P.S. home depot sells 3/4 square oak and maple that arent that expensive if you dont have a table saw, im sure that will work just as well and probably last longer
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    Re: ***Pizza Racks***

    Nice idea Mark!

    Thanks for sharing!


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      Re: ***Pizza Racks***

      ohhh those are great! We talked about this in another thread...the idea that it seems like a cooked pizza could stand a couple of minutes of "airing out" on a ventilated surface to keep the crust nice and crisp, vs. what I've been doing which is plunking them down onto a cutting board straight out of the oven which seems to make the crust go a little limp in short order. These would be perfect, and so much nicer looking than my big metal cooling rack!


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        Re: ***Pizza Racks***

        it seems like a cooked pizza could stand a couple of minutes of "airing out" on a ventilated surface my mother has been telling me since we started the same thing, they need to dry out for a few minutes... I have the wire racks, I just didnt like them,,, So I made these, I put the pizza on and then cut it with a scissor, we have been cutting our pizza's with a scissor forever, Its what my grandmother used to do. People will look at you strange and ask why dont you get a pizza cutter, And i answer with why? this works great..
        Thanks Mark