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Help earn some money

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  • Help earn some money

    A man lost his job and was out of work long enough to lose his unemployment benifits. The bills were piling up and the job prospects were not looking good. So he came up with a plan. He sat down with his wife to go over his plan.

    Husband: Honey you know I love you but we have no money comming in and the bills are piling up. I was thinking, you are still a very good looking woman, and I would bet that if we put you out on the street there would be plenty of men willing to pay you for some sex.

    Wife: I love you too honey, but Im not sure I would know what to do.

    Husband: Don't worry I will coach you.

    So that evening the husband had his wife dress up in some of the sexiest clothes she had and they drove to the downtown area.

    Husband: Honey, you stand here on this corner and look sexy. I will be standing over there in that doorway in case you need any help.

    Wife: Ok

    After about 5 minutes, a car drove up and the driver asked the wife "How much for some straight sex?"

    Wife: Wait here on minute. She ran over to the doorway and asked her husband how much would it cost for some straight sex.

    Husband: Tell him $100

    Wife: Ok. She went back over to the car and told the client $100.

    Client: Boy I don't have $100. How much would it be for some oral sex?

    Wife: Wait here a minute. Seh ran back over to the doorway and asked, how much would it cost for some oral sex?

    Husband: Tell him $50

    Wife: Ok. She went back and told the client $50.

    Client: Ok we got a deal.

    Wife: She got into the car and waited until the client pulled down his pants. And what she saw gave her a SHOCK. She then said wait here one minute, and got out of the call and ran back to the doorway.

    Husband: What now?

    Wife: Can we loan him $50?

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    Re: Help earn some money

    it is Culgar, Cruelly, but it is Fair! =)
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