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Xmas golfing

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  • Xmas golfing

    Four mates were discussing the best day of the year to play golf. Xmas day 6 in the morning was the best they decieded. But could they all make it? They were all married, would their wife's allow it. Side bets were placed and the challenge was on.
    Xmas morning arrived and all 4 arrived a 6 am for thief game.
    The first explained his wife was bedazzled by the diamond ring he gave her she didn't notice him slip out.
    The secound said his wife was too busy with the brochures of the overseas trip he had brought her he too was able to slip away unnoticed.
    The thirds wife was not at home to see him leave as she was of driving the new car he had just got for her.
    The last guy just shook he's head. "you guys just did the hard way"
    "All I did was was slap my wife on the butt and ask her....golf course or intercourse?....she told me not to forget my putter.....
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