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Whale joke...

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  • Whale joke...

    My daughter was telling me a story about a dolphin this morning... and suddenly I remembered this joke. So I'm going to inflict it on you lot... Well, I can't very well tell it to her can I?

    A whale family is happily swimming through the seas, Daddy whale, Mummy whale and little baby whale. Suddenly out of nowhere a net appears and snaps up the little baby whale right on to a whaling ship high up above.

    Mummy and Daddy whale are absolutely furious. They confer briefly and then start swimming around in circles just below the ship, blowing bubbles for all they're worth. Round and round they go, faster and faster, causing more and more turbulence, until finally the ship capsizes. All the people on board fall into the waves, then the little whale wriggles out of the net and swims off with its parents.

    After they swim off, Daddy whale is still fuming about it. "Man, they made me sooo angry! Really really angry! Kidnapping our baby! ...I think we should go back and teach them a lesson! Lets go back and eat the lot of them!"

    Mummy whale says: "Ugh, no way. First I do a blow job and now you want me to swallow the sea men?!"
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    Re: Whale joke...

    Call 911... ROFLMAO!!
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      Re: Whale joke...

      That... definitely made me smile. Thanks for a good start to the day!

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        Re: Whale joke...

        Lol. Frances, that was funny.
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          Re: Whale joke...

          Now we are really getting off the track of the forum. Very funny though, made me laugh and share it with some workmates.
          I have a similar one which I should send via personal email, getting a little more smutty.

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            Re: Whale joke...

            Love ya Frances! You always crack me up! Nothing better than a slightly dirty joke (other than a really dirty joke, of course). You're welcome at my home anytime. Of course, I'm not a sea man anymore, though I think I know where to find them.

            What a thread! Humor for me???? I have three kids tearing the house apart on a daily basis. Perhaps I do need a bit more humor.
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