Outback tour Easter 2014, wanna come for 2 weeks?

Im planning my next outback trip, it will be around Easter 2014.
If you have a hankering to visit the real outback and not the tourist outback I have 1 seat available.
I will be going to Lake Eyre, Flinders Ranges, Broken Hill......sort of, I have no set itinerary and we could end up anywhere.

Stopping where we want when we want, maybe no showers to wash and sheeting in a hole if you are lucky.
Riding shotgun will be Danny my long time mate of Aboriginal descent.
We will hunt for gemstones, gold, diamond and ghosts and just generally have a good time.

Safety is assured as I have the latest in GPS equipment and a Sat phone so you can phone home or for the flying Doctor etc.

Alcohol will be consumed in quantities and also a little tobacco.
If you are interested PM me.