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36 hours in Naples

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  • 36 hours in Naples

    Here is a fun NY Times article on Naples. The pizzeria in the photo is La Notizia, which is Enzo's restaurant. We shot by it when he was giving me a ride to Molino Caputo on his motorcycle. Talk about putting your life in someone's hands.


    36 Hours in Naples, Italy - New York Times
    Pizza Ovens
    Outdoor Fireplaces

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    Re: 36 hours in Naples

    Walking even near a road in Naples is putting your life into someone elses hands. Cars driving on sidewalks doesn't even raise eyebrows its so common.

    I remember driving on the Autostrada in the back seat of a BMW going about 105 mph with a bunch of my Italian friends. They laughed all at me when I put on my seatbelt. According to them, when God says it's your time to go, its your time to go. Safety is absolutely unnecessary. God will take care of you.

    Chaos is a very accurate description of Naples. Amongst the ugliness though, some of the best food in the world can be found.
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