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Salt Spring 42" Tuscan oven

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  • Salt Spring 42" Tuscan oven

    Thought I would share a few photos of an oven project on Salt Spring, Canada. This forum is a fantastic resource for ideas, and I am hoping this project can add to this.
    Click image for larger version

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    I was hoping to post photos as the build progressed, but it went so fast, (3 weeks), that only now have I been able to surface and share on line.


    This picture shows the "skagit" firebrick, (12x24" firebricks), cut to fit a 42" hearth and landing, sitting on a base of IFBs, (insulated firebricks of calcium-magnesium cilicate. Same as the board but in a 9" brick dimension.
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    Re: Salt Spring 42" Tuscan oven

    So, the 1st chain, full bricks on end, set outside the hearth bricks, not on top.


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      Re: Salt Spring 42" Tuscan oven

      OK, 3rd chain, and oven arch are built together.
      7th chain and oven entrance complete. Forms for the kitchen counter to the right are now off.

      Full portfolio, (so far), here, Picasa Web Albums - 10993856654910551... - Salt Spring 4...


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        Re: Salt Spring 42" Tuscan oven

        The final keystone. Hurray!

        A view from the inside, before the keystone. No forms required except for the curve guide as shown. The oven has been built with full bricks on end for the 1st chain, resulting in quite a high internal wall at the hearth base, Naples style. However, the dome curve is only 19" high overall.

        3rd pic shows the start of the vent landing arch. The arch is flared, widening toward the landing. The idea is to provide additional warming space close to the oven. I have also tried to incorporate a thermal and structural break between the vent arch and dome/oven arch.
        Picasa Web Albums - 10993856654910551... - Salt Spring 4...
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          Re: Salt Spring 42" Tuscan oven

          Really looks great. If I build I'll be doing the Tuscan style with the more rounded top like yours.

          Nice work.



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            Re: Salt Spring 42" Tuscan oven

            Thanks Cro!
            This is my 2nd oven, and light years ahead of my 1st effort. The 1st oven is still a great cooking machine, thanks to the Pompeii plans. With this oven I am learning once again, and thanks to this site I am able to incorporate lots of new ideas.

            I hope you can take the plunge yourself, soon. This site is inspiring, but can also be intimidating,... take my brickwork; it is no where as artful or perfect as many of the examples on this site. But it works and will last, I am sure.


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              Re: Salt Spring 42" Tuscan oven

              Congratulations on capping the dome! That's a very nice looking dome and I like its overall shape. I also like the curved guide you used. It makes a lot of sense using a simple template like that. After using the indispensible tool for my build I think I would prefer the template (alone or use it in conjuction with the I-tool) if I ever decide to build another oven.

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                Re: Salt Spring 42" Tuscan oven

                A very nice variation/ combination of the semicircular arch and hacked arch. I haven't seen them combined like that in an entry. Very nice work!


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                  Re: Salt Spring 42" Tuscan oven

                  A few more progress pictures to share,...
                  1. With the arch entry and flue transition complete, the carpenters move in and try and figure out the arbour.

                  2. Insulation and 1st curing fires begin.

                  3. 1st stucco layers applied while the fires continue. Try not to burn down the arbour.


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                    Re: Salt Spring 42" Tuscan oven


                    Your arbour is a work of art! Did you have create it from scratch or is it a kit? Is it cedar? Nicely done.



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                      Re: Salt Spring 42" Tuscan oven

                      Hey, Thanks, but I cannot take credit.

                      The design has evolved between customer and carpenters, who are boat builders, which might explain the finishing. The lumber is Douglas Fir.

                      The whole project is a cooperative one. My role has been oven designer/builder.

                      I will post progress pics soon.


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                        Re: Salt Spring 42" Tuscan oven

                        1. The oven has 2 coats of stucco and is ready for the decorative finish. The chimney is in temporarily until the glass can be fitted to the arbour.

                        2. The 1st test pizza is a success! After a week of curing the oven reaches 800F throughout in 40 minutes, on very little firewood. Even I am surprised at how well it is performing.

                        3. Pizzaiolo in training, trying to control a wayward dough.


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                          Re: Salt Spring 42" Tuscan oven

                          Beautiful arbor and oven set up. So it will be enclosed in glass?
                          Scott -

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                            Re: Salt Spring 42" Tuscan oven

                            Hey Andrew -- your project is magnificent! I see you live on Saltspring. We're from Victoria and we're finding it very difficult to source the Skagit fire brick. We really want to use them as we find the quality of the couple of samples we have is far superior to others. Can you pass any information on where you found them? Many thanks!


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                              Getting ready to start my 42" Tuscan. Absolutely love yours. Great job. I have my template cut out. Haven't broken ground yet due to the weather in Pa. I am asking if I can use you as a resource for this WFO project. I tried getting to your pictures but was told they couldn't be found. Thanks John