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New Oven in Louisiana

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  • New Oven in Louisiana

    Hello All! I recently had an oven built for me in my back yard, and wanted to show you guys the pictures. My wife wanted the oven to look old and worn to match the style of our house, so we chose for mainly freehand work including a free hand door opening.

    The interior diameter is 32 x 30 with an interior height of 24 inches. Door is 18 x 10 inches.

    I did a full coarse of curing, and when I finally got it up to full temp today, I got some pretty significant exterior cracking. Not too worried though as I've never seen true stucco that did NOT crack...and it adds to the worn look my wife was looking for. The inside has a small crack at the door tile, but the oven itself is crack free...and I can't see it getting any hotter than it did today! Let's just say my wife got a little crazy adding wood while I was at work! I got pretty much an inferno going in her today, with the walls up to 850 F and floor "hi" on my laser which goes up to 963 F.

    The gentleman who did my oven has built around 50 ovens in the last 10 years and seemed very knowledgable. I would recommend him to anyone. Anyway, will post as the progress continues. First pizzas will be day after tomorrow! Dough is made and maturing a bit for flavor...

    Ducane 5 Burner Stainless / 34 Inch WFO