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surface rust on reinforcing.

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  • surface rust on reinforcing.

    The wire mesh reinforcing I was going to use for my foundation slab has a lot of surface rust on it.
    Is it still ok to use? Should I make some attempt to clean it up or just use it as is?
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    Re: surface rust on reinforcing.

    Just us it, I very much doubt there is any rust free rio on the planet.
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      Re: surface rust on reinforcing.

      THe alkaline environment of concrete stops the rusting, aswell as the lack of oxygen.. should be ok to use, most of the time, slightly rusted is easier than brand new/shiny/slippery reo.


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        Re: surface rust on reinforcing.

        I think it would depend on the severity on the rust. Surface rust will not matter, but if it is flacking type severe corrosion, it could be a problem. Do a search on "concrete cancer". Reo should have a minimum of 50mm embeded depth (for building purposes).