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My 36" build in Lehi Utah

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  • My 36" build in Lehi Utah

    It was a lot of work but it was worth it....I first built a steel frame and then painted it and screwed 5/8" plywood to the frame. Next I wrapped the plywood in two layers of roofing paper. Then metal lathe was installed around the base making sure to caulk all of the staples. Next the cultured stone was installed to match the stone on our house. Two concrete slabs were poured in my garage and then installed on the base. The slabs were then painted with a flexible water proofing material to make sure the tile does not buckle or crack. Porcelain tile was then installed, again making sure to use mortar mixed with a flexible additive so that the tile would be able handle the winter weather here in Utah. The insulation, oven floor and oven kit were placed on the slabs and centered. I installed 3 layers of insulation over the oven and then used 20 gauge wire to hold the metal lathe to the oven. I brown coated (stucco) the oven and let it cure for a week. During the time the brown coat stucco was curing I started curing the oven. After about 5 days of curing I installed a color coat stucco on the oven to match the trim on our house. The oven is so insulated that it can be 1200 degrees at the top of the oven and you cannot feel any heat while touching the outside of the oven. Forno Bravo?......BRAVO!!!!
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    Re: My 36" build in Lehi Utah

    Looks Great !

    We made our barrel out of bricks from your former neighbor, Geneva. It works great. Happy cooking!!


    p.s. We are in Bountiful.