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My 42" Pompeii build, Kialla Aust.

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  • My 42" Pompeii build, Kialla Aust.

    Well, I've been hunting about, lurking in the wings trying to piece together supplies but more importantly, time.
    I poured the 150mm slab in July 13 and over the past month or so, the brickwork to supports my hearth.
    The first day of my annual leave had be bucketing concrete from the barrow up in to form my hearth.
    Being 6'9" I've gone 5 courses high with my blocks.
    Today being a nice spring day allowed me to get underway.
    Made great progress with 50mm Calsil board and my 50mm, 400x 400mm floor tiles cut a laid.
    First course of the dome cut and ready for some mud.

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    Re: My 42" Pompeii build, Kialla Aust.

    Pictures added


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      Re: My 42" Pompeii build, Kialla Aust.

      Great progress.
      You done something that I wished I'd done in my build, put in an extra entrance under the stand!
      Remember to post what you about to do and you'll get helpful replies.
      Something that might help. If you taking pics from a mobile phone or tablet takes the pics in landscape not portrait and they will come out right.
      Regards dave
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      Cut once
      Fit in position with largest hammer

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