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Wood Fired Oven in France

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  • Wood Fired Oven in France

    Here are a couple of pizza ovens from France. It's interesting that Nice was part of Italy until 1860 (Nizza), when House of Savoy gave it to France in exchange for support during the Italian war of indepence which formed modern Italy. There are oodles of wood-fired ovens in southern France, but the pizza is really different. The pizza chefs can't help themselves, and really beat up the dough, so I find them tough, and they use gruyere or compte cheese, which is a great cheese for eating and sauces, but seems really heavy for pizza. The flour is also different. I am posting a little more on flour in the Ingredients forum.

    Also, if you missed it, take a look at the brick oven in the Papal Palace -- it is earlier in this forum.

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