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Oven Floor Bricks

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  • Oven Floor Bricks

    I picked up some good quality fire bricks from an closed down foundry - they were cheap but i didn't anticipate the time to clean off all the old mortar.

    I used and angle grinder with a concrete grinding disc and eventually got the job done and the surface is nice and flat.

    My concern is that since cleaning off the mortar the brick does not have that glazed surface and if i use these on the floor it might be a little dusty - i'm not worried about a bit a of dust on the base of a pizza (my missus might complain). I'm sure there are many ovens out there with the glaze gone but can anyone see that this might become a bigger problem?

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    Re: Oven Floor Bricks

    Hi Zimbo - If the floor is flat it will be fine. Mine are a little weathered and with enough fires the surface will not be sealed anyway. A quick brush or a few slaps of the peel will move any fine ash and all will be well.

    There will always be a little ash around inside a WFO anyway.
    Cheers ......... Steve

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      Re: Oven Floor Bricks

      Thanks Greenman - appreciate your assistance