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Pizza oven and outdoor kitchen

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  • Pizza oven and outdoor kitchen

    Here are the pics of my Pizza oven and outdoor kitchen. It took a year to build but boy was it worth it.

    Click or go to Link For Photos


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    Mike, beautiful layout! I can feel the love that your kitchen exudes.

    Where did you buy your oven?

    I noticed that the Flue pipe for the oven looked like a black Single wall. Is that correct?

    If so, is that what is spec'd by the manufacturer?



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      The Flue is a single wall, the instuctions that came with the oven were not clear. I contacted the manufacturer and was told that for an outdoor oven single wall heavy flue was fine. Interior construction requirement varied by building code.
      I used heavy single wall flue rapped in 4" of ceramic blanket. The oven is sitting on 4" ceramic board and rapped in two layers of 4' ceramic blanket then the remaining void in the attic was filled with vermiculite. At full temp the oven exterior walls stay cool to the touch.
      My oven is from caminetti bertucci of Italy. I bought it while on vacation and had it shipped home. What started out as a way to save some money by buying the oven in italy and shipping it home turned into a complete backyard remodel. But, I have to say it was worth it. I use my outdoor kitchen almost daily. See link below


      What type of oven do you have? What type of construction did you use?



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        I built my oven about 4 yrs ago. It is an Allen Scott Design.

        Since then, I have built 5 others for friends.

        You can see my work on this forum under Pompeii Oven Construction in the thread, 'New Pompeii Started'.

        I too spend a lot of time in my outdoor kitchen. Unfortunately, I just sold my house and will not get an opportunnity to build my new Outdoor kitchen for about a year.

        Until then, I will just have hang out with my freinds and their kitchens.