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Simone's oven photos (6)

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  • Simone's oven photos (6)

    This is great. I feel like I'm living through Simone's experience building and firing the oven.

    I think we should make it obligatory to take photos of your oven with your kids (if you have them) and pets.

    Thanks for all of these Simone.

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    I'm trying to visualize the scale: Has someone finally built a 36" pompeii?

    Good work Simone! Your dome interior is really nicely finished. Did you repoint the mortar after you were done?

    My geodesic oven project: part 1, part 2


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      hi dnum and james,
      yes, my oven is a 36inch dome and i am happy with the size although at the beginning i longed for a 42+, because it is so much easier to move things around on the hearth. but that said, with 4 months of baking/cooking experience i think i am fine with the 36 inch dome mainly, because i usually have smaller gatherings and don't like to use more wood than absolutely necessary.
      i did not appoint more mortar after the dome was finished. i thought about it and then figured it was not worth the time of cleaning it takes after the job - and believe me, once you have fired you oven several times, the inside look does not matter anymore at all. (take it from me, i am a bit of a perfectionist myself)
      on the topic of personal pictures. i first hesitated very much and would certainly not have done it in the beginning, but we have grown to know each other and people have been so generous with their advise and time that this feels like a community to me. ---greetings simone