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Finished 42 inch oven in Nicaragua

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    Thanks, MArkDLxu for your post ... Here's the deal ... I got hooked on pizza oven making when I watched a series of THREE videos put out by a member here by the name of Lee McNeil on YOUTUBE. I made a few modifications to his cool design but really I virtually copied it... He also did a design on a 3-D website with the ability to make a virtual pizza oven in the planning stage. One can visit this site and see his uploaded 3D design and rotated it in all dimensions and then make it bigger / smaller, etc. Anyways, he mentions this website in his 3 part series on youtube.


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      by the way, .. the little smoker on the side is something I have yet to use but I will this summer. The whole idea of the smoker is that this side combustion chamber simply is just that .. a combustion chamber to make a fire of low intensity ... and the heat and smoke rise up into the pizza dome to smoke your food. The whole idea behind smoking is to keep a constant low heat so as not to actually cook your food but to smoke it over time.
      Now in reality there are smokers on the market that keep a constant temperature and so on so the addition to the smoker combustion chamber (which mine sill needs a door etc) is only for bragging rights for now anyway. Some people do not put a door on their pizza oven but I wanted one (because is looks cool ...) and I needed one (if I was to use the smoker as I need the door closed).

      To answer your Questions ... Everything is mortared and such ... the only removable little part is the brick that blocks the orifice of the vent that the smoker chimney vents . And the DOME is in fact the actual smoking area for food ...not the side smoker combustion chamber. Clear as mud? lol


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        I guess the easiest thing to do (since I am not really good at explaining myself) is to go youtube, .. and type in the search bar these words: pizza oven Lee McNeil
        And then there should be three separate videos that he created. But a word of warning... you will be hooked. You will be pouring a foundation because you will want to build your oven as soon as you can....

        But take your time, .. make sketches ..... Oh ... !!!! THAT is the name of the website ... it is called SketchUp .... then go toTHAT website and type in the exact same words. But you may have to download driver or something like that from the SketchUP website .. after you do that , .. you can play with the pizza oven template by Lee.

        Good luck with your plans and your future build.. it is a LOT fo fun.


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          one last thing (sorry for the many posts in a row) .. I bought my reproduction cast iron door from eBay. It wasn't that badly priced. When it arrived from the UK .. yes, .. the United Kingdom, . at that moment , .. I knew that I HAD to carry out my plans of building a pizza oven. This door is kinda neat in that it squeaks when it opens & closes. I suppose that I could oil the hinges, but I don't wanna ... I like the squeak. And lastly, this door is rather heavy. It is very well made.

          Don't be worried about having an item shipped from Europe to land on your door. I am from Canada and this door arrived in less than two weeks. What was funny is that I could tell that Customs had likely opened up the parcel as I could tell it was frigged around with and then re-taped and finally sent to my house. But the Border people did a good job of re-packaging it. I suppose they were looking for drugs or illegal items. In any event, I found out after I bought my cast iron door that there are three versions of it: mine has a swing open to look inside peep-hole .. .which I really like... and there is another version with temperature gauge , and then there is a third version with a horizontal vent on the bottom.