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New Mobile Oven concept

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  • New Mobile Oven concept

    Here is a photo of a new type of mobile oven from Fired Up Kitchens. It can be moved by one person an a flat, solid surface, or it can be pulled by a cart across grass, driveways, parking lots, etc. The audience is homeowners with large outdoor spaces, and professionals, including golf courses, wineries, and restaurants with outdoor dining and cooking spaces.

    The oven is built around the Artigiano oven -- so it is ready for light commercial use. The first one has been built and installed (though you will notice the backdrop is Photoshop'd in).

    I think this is pretty cool; check out the attachable prep table.

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    Re: New Mobile Oven concept

    Very nice indeed


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      Re: New Mobile Oven concept

      How heavy is the whole thing total? Does it move around on heavy duty caster wheels? I like the concept. It's making me rethink my mobile oven design.


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        Re: New Mobile Oven concept

        Right off, I'd say it's a movable oven. Mobile, to me elicits the notion that it can be taken from event to event. Looking at the low clearance cabinet, I'd say this guy has to stay in the yard. Are those small pneumatic tires peeking out there next to the channel bar? Even if the cabinets are removable and could be conventionally towed, my silly opinion is that it's too singular. You still need to schlep the rest of the equipment.
        It would be perfect for semi-permanent patio dinners. Bussers could move it in place for special events and remove it when the space is needed. Indoors, it would be perfect if you could come up with a detachable snap collar for the flue connected to a powered vent.
        Personally, I'd lose the ironing table. ... I suppose it could be a landing area.
        My prep table would be out in front.

        No offense. ...just thinking out loud.


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          Re: New Mobile Oven concept

          I like the idea. Would love to see more info on it.
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