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Picture of Newport oven

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  • Picture of Newport oven

    I have attached a picture, hopefully, of the Pompeii style oven when work had to cease due to the onset of the cold weather. Closing the space between the cement board roof and the terra cotta roof tiles in the front and back with stucco remains to be done.
    Fred Di Napoli

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    Nice-looking oven


    Very nice-looking oven.

    Is there some technical reason you're going to stucco that space between the roof and the tiles? Cosmetically I think it looks fine. As long as it's staying dry inside, I might leave it as is, if it were mine.

    If you take a look at my oven photos, you'll see I took pains to seal all parts of the roof so everything was tight as a drum. Now I'm not convinced that was necessary. As long as you have a good roof that's keeping everything dry inside, I don't think it will hurt things if it breathes a little. Maybe some others here who have more construction experience will disagree.

    By the way, are you in Newport, Rhode Island?

    Again, Fred, very nice work.



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      Thanks for the compliments. I went over board with the roof design, as well as with other components of the oven. The cement board for the roof had a seam and I was concerned that it might let moisture in over time especially if I could not get the terra cotta roof tiles in place before the cold weather set in.

      I covered the entire roof with a rubber roofing membrane made for exterior use to alleviate my concerns. The combination should keep out moisture. In retrospect it would have been less costly and quicker if I had just bought 2 more sheets of cement board and lived with the surplus.

      The reason for wanting to close the space is thus cosmetic in nature. I did not realize it until looking at the picture but it does not show the ridge cap tiles. They are of a clover leaf design that has an open space the entire length of the roof that is close to 3" high and does not look very nice. If I close that space I might as well close the remaining spaces as well.
      Fred Di Napoli