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Very cool Artigiano installation

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  • Very cool Artigiano installation

    Now this is a cool oven. What I think is particularly notable is not the great color, or even the inspirational bar (or even the vineyard views) -- I like the open hood look. The vent is hidden within the hood, and the entire front of the oven and the landing is open. That's a nice design choice.

    Take a look.
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    Re: Very cool Artigiano installation

    What a stunner !!! Thanx James for showing me more designs to dream about ..lol
    Cheers Lee


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      Re: Very cool Artigiano installation

      Interesting design variant. I like the wide open landing. I presume that the front above the door and below the hood will get sooty over time?

      The one other potential issue I can imagine is the effect of wind on the oven. Do you suppose it has a short tunnel into the dome?

      As windy as it is here, I was thinking that the side walls around the flue arches would probably help block the wind from blowing into the dome from some directions?



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        Re: Very cool Artigiano installation

        Very interesting design. Obviously quite new as was noted there is no soot above the entrance.

        Two things I don't understand: They seem to have the grass etc. finished and mowed up to the serving bar yet the step down or up into the oven work area appears to have the potential as a real ankle turner and the fall (out of view in the photo) has the potential for high drama.

        And second, am I seeing river rock caged beneath the serving area/bartop? Everyone has their own idea of art, and that's as it should be. Personally, I think better use could be made of that "primo" storage area..just my opinion on that of course.

        However, the first concern (regarding the step up or down) is one of safety and I would have expected it to have been addressed while the oven was under construction. So on that I give the oven a thumbs down.