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My Dad's oven.

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  • My Dad's oven.

    This is an oven my dad built at our winery in Tasmania. I apologize for the photos. They are frame grabs from video. I'll get more. The oven is on a stone base, and was made by pouring five inches of refractory cement used for making boilers on top of a solid polystyrene dome shape which was carved using hot wires. He dug out the polystyrene later. He clad it with local volcanic stone. I have used the oven on many occasions and it works great. I'm not sure about heat retention and whatnot, or how hot it gets, but we've cooked innumerable pizzas, roasts, breads, whole lambs, pigs, goats, you name it. He swears by the method, but I'm going with the pompeii. Pouring foundation in two days. Can't wait.
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