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Another door design

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  • Another door design

    Just finished my oven door. Not tested yet, so I keep fingers crossed during tomorrows trial. As you can see from the pictures the door is designed for two positions. The outer position (in front of the flue gas exit) with air inlet open, and the inner position with air inlet closed. I hope the air inlet openings are big enough for the early firing as well.


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    Re: Another door design

    Oooh, very cool and clever. Can't wait to hear how it performs!


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      Re: Another door design

      Very nice, draft door and heat retainer all in one...let us know how it goes!
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        Re: Another door design

        Hello friends. It has been a while. The door has been tested several times and works very well. It has reduced the amount of wood requiered for heating up substantially and also makes the oven retain heat much longer. And there is no smoke out the oven opening at any time. Seems I have got it just right the first time (pure luck!). It becomes fairly hot during the heaviest firing periode ( it actually grew such that I needed to trim off some material to avoid it sticking in the opening). I have cut a natural stone to fit on it's back side and consider to put it on. It will be heavier though and not as easy to handle.

        regards from Karl