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Completed dome oven (video and photos)

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  • Completed dome oven (video and photos)

    Hi all,

    click on the below link to view my pizza oven just recently completed



    YouTube - Dome Pizza Oven Construction

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    Re: Completed dome oven (video and photos)

    Great work Wayne! Very nice. You even had some beautiful days in the background.

    Could you do us a favor and mention Forno Bravo somewhere in the video? We really like the word-of-mouth that comes from folks building ovens and letting other people know where to get the plans and help.

    Time for pizza. :-)
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      Re: Completed dome oven (video and photos)

      Nice looking oven, not far from me too. I'm in Wallsend.
      I am interested in what type of bricks you used etc
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        Re: Completed dome oven (video and photos)

        Hi there Bimbo/James

        Sure I will add a link to Forno Bravo!

        Bimbo we just used the old 50 's style red brick from a fireplace,good heavy brick

        The hearth (floor) we used a blast furnace fire brick I scabbed from work.

        We have fired up the oven a few times now and it does cool down a little more quicklty than antisipated,but in hindsight we have put a couple of inches of render on the dome before the insulation to help hold the heat.

        But it works well,the whole oven was made very cheaply less than $500 ,cooks great pizzas and soon to start cooking roasts and breads!!!



        any other questions only be happy to help.