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New oven in MD - indoor Artigiano

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  • New oven in MD - indoor Artigiano

    We're doing an extreme whole-house makeover. It's long overdue. But at 4.5% fixed with no points ... why not?? So here we go. Every room is getting something. In many cases gutted. But the best part is the addition. That's where the brick oven goes. Here's the start of framing, then the start of the platform. Note the cool clay tile/ash slot arrangement. Since it's an indoor oven, we're putting an ash slot in which empties on the outside of the house. Should do as much to preserve marital harmony as the good food coming out of the oven (my wife hates to cook ... but she'd hate cleaning ashes from the floor even more).

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    Re: New oven in MD - indoor Artigiano

    Hmmm ... wonder why images didn't show. They are links to Facebook public URLs. Can anyone see them? (I can't).