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Oven in Perth Australia - outdoor kitchen

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  • Oven in Perth Australia - outdoor kitchen

    Hi all..

    Long time lurker, first time poster.

    Here is the run down

    - Started 10 months ago, built the base and surrounding outdoor kitchen
    - started actual dome 3 weeks ago - pics attatched

    problems encounted - cracking mortar.

    I asked for a fire mortar at the one of the few places that actually deal with fire bricks and mortar here in Perth. What i got was heat curing mortar. Bummer.

    As it is drying, its cracking at the joins. And only found out recently that it is not good for large mortar joints. Which mine are. ( i do not have access to a bricksaw to make perfect cuts)

    Pics attatched.

    Any ideas on how to finish this off before i put the fire blanket and final insulation layer on this beast?