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Christmas Blizzard Pizza in Nebraska

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  • Christmas Blizzard Pizza in Nebraska

    What do you do when you're snowed in on Christmas Day in Nebraska? Cook pizza on the WFO of course. Check out all the snow ... drifting snow up to 5 feet tall. 12 degrees outside with snow all over the outdoor kitchen. The oven still worked great after a good pre-heating.

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    Re: Christmas Blizzard Pizza in Nebraska

    Hi dfucinaro
    you are welcome to the snow and freezing temperatures. I choose to visit those places under those conditions if and when I feel like it, not have them thrust upon one at will or in season.
    We have beautiful clear blue skies with around 25˚C at present, shorts and T-shirt weather we refer to it as!
    However, it obviously doesn't stop you from cranking up the oven and enjoying your efforts.
    Keep up the tradition.

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      Re: Christmas Blizzard Pizza in Nebraska

      I sometimes wish for some cold weather with a little snow. The heat and humidity of south FL gets a little old at times, but I sure don't want a month of cold weather and snow.
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