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Photo's as promised of my WFO project.

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  • Photo's as promised of my WFO project.

    As promised I eventually got time to post some progressive photos of my WFO. This project is going to take a lot of time because once the WFO is finished I then will start on the brick work, plastering, electrical work as this is going to be a full on out door kitchen with a BBQ and industrial Robin Hood to the right of the WFO. Regarding the WFO, only approximately 2 inches of the front arch (Which I haven't done yet) will be seen inside the kitchen, the WFO will remain outside.
    The whole room will be 14 feet by 11 feet and obviously totally enclosed with a window either side and a sliding door to enter the room.

    I am hoping to gradually add more and more photo's to this awesome site as this project continues. My WFO would not have turned out the same if I didn't have this site. THANKS A MILLION "FORNO BRAVO"

    P.s. The inside of the Dome came perfect, there are basically very little gaps between each fire brick, the majority are 1 - 2 millimeters which is what I was hoping for. I know some areas look as though there is a 5 mm gap on the inside of the dome but most of that is refractory mortar and I will be giving it a bit of a scrub as soon as the weather cools down.


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    Re: Photo's as promised of my WFO project.

    Very nice Dean.

    I like the way you finished off the keystones

    Am looking forward to seeing your chimney progress

    Keep up the good work
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      Re: Photo's as promised of my WFO project.

      Great Job,,, Looks really good,,

      And many Happpy Pizza's


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        Re: Photo's as promised of my WFO project.

        Superb build...

        Great terra cotta colours for that mediterranean look!
        / Rossco