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New build 36" uk

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  • New build 36" uk

    Hi , My partner and i are just about to proceed with building a Pizza oven, we are building a 36" internal Diameter oven. It will be into a corner position. Following the plans i have downloaded, the corner configuration does not seem to add up in my small brain! 36internal diameter + 9" for the brick thickness + 6" insulation = 51 " external, why are the diagrams for corner plans showing 40, 43.5 or 49" external, i am sure its quite a simple reason but would be grateful for some help. Thanks, think the forum is awsome! well done,

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    Re: New build 36" uk

    im i n the same position and just had a quick look at the plans and it says its for a 35.5 external dia oven not internal hope this helps


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      Re: New build 36" uk

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        Re: New build 36" uk

        Hi Guys,

        I am building a 42" corner build and was perplexed about the various dimension options for corners build in the Pompeli Plans too. So I just used them as a baseline, layed with 42" ID, 51" OD plus 3" insulation and 1" +/- for stucco (doing a igloo) then layed out CMUs to make sure I had the right numbers not to have to do custom cuts. Also, added 4" on all sides for foundation for final outside covering (stone in my case). Good luck and look forward to seeing your build.
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