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ceramic tile finish

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  • ceramic tile finish

    Hello to all ,
    I have some exterior ceramic tile that was left over from a job site and,was wondering if anyone has ever finished the outside of their pizza oven/fireplace with tile.I'm in the process of building a pizza oven on top of an existing fireplace and would like to enclose the hole thing in with tile.My question is can you put the ceramic tile directly on the block(walls) or should I enclose the
    hole thing in with 1/2 concrete board.what type of thin set and grout should I use if I take this route?The tile resembles a brick like look 1/2x2x9 pretty heavy duty. Thanks to all
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    Re: ceramic tile finish

    I think a few have used tile. Refer to Robert Musa (one of the first builders here) and Frances - both were very creative. No reason you couldn't set the bigger pieces.
    Check out my pictures here:

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