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Gueullard (Poilane Oven) Plans/build

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  • Gueullard (Poilane Oven) Plans/build

    Hi all, i'm new here and i'm here looking for information regards building a bread oven. I worked briefly on Lionel Poilane's oven about 20 years ago, and now that i'm only baking for friends and family i'd like to build an oven in my backyard. Having used wood ovens for the last 24 years, the Gueullard style oven fit my requirements.
    Has anyone built such an oven? I will need to scale it down to fit a space of 5m x 4m.
    I'm unsure of the pitch on the hearth, and i'm not sure of the flying set up,
    I do now have the materials and will be in Paris this christmas to catch up with a few of the Bakers at the Cherch de Midi store.
    I just thought i'd ask, to see if anyone has thought about these ovens or even if they could suggest improvements to this very old design.

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    Re: Gueullard (Poilane Oven) Plans/build

    have a look at this thread as a starting point.



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      Re: Gueullard (Poilane Oven) Plans/build

      This shows a cut away from an old book. Might help a little with the slope and dome shape.


      There is a french oven manufacturer who appears to sell the components needed to build their normal black ovens as Gueullard ovens, but I don't want to say much more as they are a direct competitor to Forno Bravo. If you dig a bit you will find the info and a couple photo documented builds.