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Was my new thread deleted?

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  • Was my new thread deleted?

    I do believe it was, I would expect a message explaining why though?
    I don't think I broke any forum rules. I would just like to know why that's all.

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    Re: Was my new thread deleted?

    f I remember correctly Joey, it was about the stainless steel ovens that you were purchasing and offering them for sale to members, I would also have deleted it as it is a complete conflict of interest.
    Just like any company who is asked to sell an oppositions product from their premises is really not ethical.
    This forum is very generously operated by James, specifically to sell his products. Initially it was only viable to purchase if you lived in the US and other members from overseas countries (as I am from Australia), asking questions, contributing to the massed information in their builds, the forum has gone a little sideways and although promoting wood fired ovens, supports the owner builder. With that said, there would also be throw offs for James where members can purchase the incidental items needed to complete their passion. His business is expanding and now has agents in more countries including Australia where he can service the members with goods and services.

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      Re: Was my new thread deleted?

      I can understand this, but I am not going into the WFO business, it was more like a group buy kind of thing. I just think a courtesy message would have been in order,
      "hey Joey, dumbass, we are deleting your thread because we think you are going into the WFO business and promoting a commercial venture here..."

      I have been a member here since 2009, if I was going into the WFO business I would have done it by now.



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        Re: Was my new thread deleted?

        Hey Joey, I think you were walking a tight rope on this one and leaned a bit too far to one side. I think all of us can appreciate another member finding materials or even a deal on a competitive product, sharing their opinion and asking for opinions of other members. This has gone on since the inception of this forum, and to be honest, I think FB has always been pretty liberal. In your case, you just went too far. You did not just share your find or ask opinions, you basically solicited 10 competitive ovens. At the very least, I would have deleted it. Think about it, that was pretty disrespectful.
        You mention you have been a member since 2009, so you probably remember the days when James was still pretty active and I am sure you know a bit about how this forum came about.
        That said, you do have a point with your last comment. In the "old forum days" you would have been spanked in a personal message or email and had your post deleted. I think all of us that have been around here a while miss those personal aspects. This has grown to a pretty big venture, both as a sounding board/information site and as a legitimate supplier or wood fired ovens and supplies. You stepped on the corporate toes, and were squashed. At least you didn't get banned. Don't take it too personally, I'm betting that your history actually saved you from a banning. Had you been a new member this conversation would not be happening.
        Hang in there and good luck moving those ovens.



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          Re: Was my new thread deleted?

          This is not a non-profit hobbyist site. It was pretty bold to try and sell a competitors ovens on an oven manufacturers site, not in good taste if nothing else. I don't have a Pompeii oven and don't know these guys but I do appreciate the fact that they are willing to deal with everything that running a busy forum entails, and the fact that they give away the plans speaks volumes about what they are really about.

          Edit- and on any forum that I moderated you would have been insta-banned with no reasons given.


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            Re: Was my new thread deleted?

            Nothing better than a public spanking...


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              Re: Was my new thread deleted?

              Thank you sir! May I have another?


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                Re: Was my new thread deleted?

                Forno Bravo is strictly enforcing forum policy. We prohibit website linking, inappropriate language, marketing, etc. Please note we want all of our members to enjoy the forum. We will issue warnings before banning users. If a user receives various warnings, they will be banned indefinitely.

                Once again, Forno Bravo strives to make our website enjoyable for all users and viewers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at anytime.

                We are always available.