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  • Wollongong NSW Australia 2

    Hi all,
    Well I started my build back in June 2010 amd finished it sometime in October the same year and did do a thread titled Wolongong NSW Australia, I posted some pictures as my build progressed but then failed to post any pictures of my finished oven and outdoor area. So after all this time I've come back to the Forum.
    About half way through this year I decided we needed a dedicated area to prepare the pizzas so the last couple of pics on this post is the start of my pizza prep area. As you can see I simply attached it to the existing oven base away from the oven opening, and over a step which works really well as the low area, which is next to the oven opening is ideal for kneading my dough and sliding the prepared pizza onto the peel, while the higher area is ideal for making the pizza.
    Next post is the finished prep area.

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    Re: Wollongong NSW Australia 2

    A great way of bringing the outdoors, indoors or is that the indoors, outdoors. Confused, but I like it.


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      Re: Wollongong NSW Australia 2

      Yea it works really well for us, with summer coming on it will again be used continuously.
      Here are the rest of the pictures of the finished pizza prep area. The first 2 pictures are of the prep area with the top on and the next 2 pics are with the top on and the back splashes installed as well.

      Thanks to everyone who helped me with my build, couldn't have done it without you all. Any Newbie's coming on this site with lots of questions, as I had, listen to these guys and you can't go wrong...
      Cheers and have a great Christmas.
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