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pizza dome has cracked -argument with buidler

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  • pizza dome has cracked -argument with buidler

    wonder if anyone can advise?

    I've used my oven for the first time (after curing) and it has cracked big time.It appears the builder didn't insulate the dome which he has agreed to fix.However we are in disagreement about the dome construction .I've noticed he has left gaps in the upper fire brickwork layers of the dome (see pic below) and I'm concerned this will not achieve the required thermal mass even if these are plugged using fire proof .mortar.

    I would be grateful if anyone could advise whether filling the gaps would suffice or if the brickwork needs to be redone ?

    Kind regards


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    That is normal, though they do need to be filled.


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      Refractory (brick) is more prone to cracking if it is uninsulated because there is a far greater difference in temperature between the inner and outer faces. This temperature difference leads to a greater difference in expansion rates and hence propensity to cracking. Big gaps between bricks on the inner surface wouldn't help either so it would be advisable to fill them.
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        Thanks for the response in order to fill the gPs in the brickwork can fireproof mortR be used for the size of the gaps Aporox 1 inch at the triangle base ? Cheers paul