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Canadian code for indoor instalation

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  • Canadian code for indoor instalation


    I plan building the pizza oven just outside an exterior wall with the oven opening flush to the interior wall for all year round use. (Yep! Canadian winters). Will use an anchor plate with a prefab chimney. I am looking fr the building canadian code references to make sure to be compliant with insurance (they wont help btw). Anyone has info on thatplease?

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    Hello, . .I live in the okanagan valley (specifically Kelowna). I built an outdoor pizza oven and I didn't worry about building codes since I built my oven a considerable distance from my house. Building codes in certain municipalities can be brutal for any construction that involves "open flame" type of thing, especially when you are making it indoor only .. or indoor/outdoor type of use. I went down to the City Hall and did my homework intensely. Basically, years ago, the city that I reside simply purchased the Vancouver municipal Bylaws handbook and wherever the word "Vancouver" was in the Bylaws codebook .. they replaced it with our city name, "Kelowna". This way, the city saves a heck of a lot of money because some other district already did the homework of making picky /detailed bylaws.

    The whole purpose of the bylaws is so that lawmakers have 'something" to fall back ono if there are neighbour complaints of smoke, smell etc Also, it shows that the councilmen and woman and mayor are doing something about air quality. Your concerns really come down to this: it all depends on where you live (whether there are actual bylaws .... as well as how comfortable you feel about building an oven anyway regardless of the laws. One thing is certain: if you are going to do a renovation involving your oven with your house, you might HAVE to submit reno plans to your city hall. THIS is where it may get veto'ed / kiwashed as an idea to enhance your home with a pizza oven fuelled by wood. Some .. most actually .. do not have an a bylaw against open flame (fuelled by wood or wood pellets) unless the city is bigger. As a just in case thing. I ran a natural gas pipe and bib to my fireplace (but not to my pizza oven). I do not use the natural gas at all. But it is there in case I am forced to ... I hope I have been of some help.
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      I just saw your profile .. and you live in Ottawa. You will likely have issues with your proposed build due to municipal bylaws. You will have trouble getting your renovation passed by City hall as well as getting an actual construction contractor to do your build.

      One last thing: it is totally okay to CALL your pizza oven a "charcoal- fuelled appliance" as this is OKAY if the outdoor oven, or whatever it may be ... uses, or CAN use charcoal. When I talked to the city agent worker at City Hall before my actual oven build materialized, .. I said to him ... "let's look at the bylaws really specifically" and it stated that charcoal fuelled appliances are acceptable. So, .. I will call my pizza oven a charcoal fuelled appliance if ever a city bylaw person comes around my residence, as long as I clean all the wood ashes so there is no evidence of burnt wood. By the way, a city bylaw agent as well as the fire department have more rights to come onto your property (for the sake of safety to the community) than a cop does ... FYI.

      ONE LAST thing: what works for me is that I am very cognizant of embers. I literally have almost zero embers coming from my wood fired outdoor "appliances". I have made very efficient ember / spark collecting screens etc. Also, .. and here is the BIGEEE: I tend to have a wood / log fuelled fire in my outdoor fireplace ... and a pizza oven fire ... typically on a day or night that one of my neighbours is as well. I live on a street where the majority of us have outdoor fireplaces .. so if there is ever forest fire or some sort of issue with fire in the neighbourhood .. I can always say ..."wasn't me" ... "prove it" ... or .. "one can say that it was Eddy down a few houses from me that also had a fire at the same time" ...

      But what it comes down to is simply BEING CAREFUL .. as we are all neanderthals and love fire ... but it is a matter of respecting that fire that we created. Nobody wants a forest fire .. nor a neighbour's roof having OUR embers landing on their roof.
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        Thanks for the info and tour time. I will make sure to be code compliant for sure.