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Cob/clay oven build

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  • Cob/clay oven build

    I started a cob oven build last week. I am planning to build a firebrick oven in the future but thought this would give a chance to practice and glean some insight before I commit to another large project in the yard.

    This is a 27" internal diameter oven on a firebrick hearth with 2.5" vermiculite/concrete insulative base. It is 15" internal dome height with a door opening of 9.5" high and 13.5" wide at the base opening. The clay "bricks" were made in a form and come out as a 3" cube. I will later cover the "egg" with 3 to 4" of insulation.

    So far so good. It needs to dry more and then I will pull out the sand form and clean up the inside; more drying; and then small fires and repair any cracks. Looking forward to pizzas, bread, etc.!!!
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    Re: Cob/clay oven build

    You can see my progess and updated pictures at: