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Homesick in the land of spices...

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  • Homesick in the land of spices...


    My family has settled into a remote valley in the foothills of the Himalayas. While Indian food is heavenly, chapatis and rice can only go so far with our American appetites. We crave pizza! We need bread!

    My husband loves to bake and I know he would salivate over a traditional bread/pizza oven. He travels to America for work and is there for 10 weeks at a time so I would love to build him an oven while he is gone.

    A couple region specific questions;

    Wood; Because wood here is extremely expensive, I was originally thinking of trying to make something with gas which is relatively cheap. But after reading through the cautions in this forum I should rethink the wood. But to give me an idea of what we would be getting into- how much wood is typically used in a firing?

    Monsoon; It is not here for long, but it can get a little wet when it visits. Most of the homes here are made from mud so I imagine it is pretty resilient, but is there anything I should consider when it comes to VAST amounts of water?

    Thanks for your help. I am excited to get started!

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    Re: Homesick in the land of spices...

    Wow, the Himalayas..How exciting. I am new to this forum and I am just learning my way around. I hope to build a oven within the next year. I would start today but it will probably take a year to convince my wife that we really need a wood fired oven. (Ha) I do however have all the firebrick already. Please take this suggestion with my inexperience in mind but would it be possible to bring an oven up to temp. with gas and then switch to wood for the best of both worlds? Here in Oregon, USA where I am at wood is plentiful and gas is expensive so I would be using strictly wood. Good luck on your build and what a great surprise for your husband. When the time is right make sure you post some pictures of your oven with the Himalayas in the back ground. Gene


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      Re: Homesick in the land of spices...

      My earlier post got lost somewhere, maybe it will appear eventually, but I will repost nevertheless. Would it be possible to use gas to bring your oven up to temperature then switch to wood for the flavor? I am a beginner at "Wood Fired Ovens" and have yet to build one. Reading this forum has convinced me that I want to build one.

      I have family living in China and the first thing they want to eat when they return here is have Pizza.

      I hope that when you have your WFO completed you will post a picture of the Himalayas in the background.


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        Re: Homesick in the land of spices...

        I did read about someone trying to do that but I think I will stick to fire. There seems to be some issues with the idea of gas in an enclosed space, proper ventilation, explosions, etc. Don't want to mess around. I like my husband's eyelashes.

        Yes - pictures with Himalayas and pizza. Now if only we could get good red wine here. Such a picky girl I know. In the mean time I have to wait out a little monsoon while I do my planning!


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          Re: Homesick in the land of spices...

          Gas burners in home ovens are officially discouraged. Those you may have seen in commercial pizzarias have numerous expensive safety features, and they are also used in a commercial environment, not a backyard with kids running around.

          Good luck with your project!
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            Re: Homesick in the land of spices...

            Thanks dmun- we will keep the explosions to a minimum around here!