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Hello from Bremerton, WA

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  • Hello from Bremerton, WA

    While attending our annual family reunion out in Wolf Creek, MT I had mentioned to a number of people that the reunion site could really use a woodfired pizza oven. I'm guessing I made this comment for the 5th year in a row 2009. 2010 rolled around and I asked myself why I keep thinking-about-talking-about building the oven. We have since built the stand during our 2010 reunion and I am hoping to drive out to MT and assemble the floor and dome with my Dad in late August. I am precutting the bricks in my garage and assembling the structure with wooden shims on form. It's a 42 inch tuscan. I've posted a couple photos in the Dome section of the photo part of the forum.

    Glad to be here, glad this forum is here, and hope to talk to some interesting people during their build as well. Thanks Forno Bravo for operating such an awesome well balanced and organized site, I kind of feel like you guys are the Google of the pizza oven sites. You realize that you can make plans open source and will still benefit from the people who take on the DIY oven builds.

    If you have ever watched Close Encounters of Third Kind's mashed potatoes scene I believe I closely resemble that guy at this point in the process. I am hoping to progress through the build rapidly enough that my wife will not kill me because unless she is talking pizza oven I am not listening very well....


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    Re: Hello from Bremerton, WA

    Hi Sean and welcome aboard.
    I hope that you will enjoy this forum as I have over the years.
    Post heaps of pics once you've decided on all those choices that you have to make and enjoy.


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