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Hello From Sydney

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  • Hello From Sydney

    Hi just thought I would say hello I am building a Pompeii oven in the back yard and came across Fronobravo when doing some research.

    At this stage all I have is a big hole in the backyard waiting for the slab to be pored.

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    Re: Hello From Sydney

    Welcome aboard
    another Aussie to be added to the ever growing list
    it sounds like you found the best web site in time before you made same fatal mistakes in your oven build.
    Enjoy, ask questions and post heaps of pictures.


    Prevention is better than cure, - do it right the first time!

    The more I learn, the more I realise how little I know

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      Re: Hello From Sydney

      Fatal mistakes sounds a bit daunting.

      Now I am getting worried.


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        Re: Hello From Sydney

        Naw, don't worry JDO7. The only fatal mistakes we have were all in our heads until we found this website and forum. As Neill said, you can ask any questions and the planning stage is a lot fun and surprisingly informative. .

        I think the best things you can find on this site that will aid you is:
        A proper dome height for your oven inner arch entry height and width
        A proper vent opening (in the correct location no less) and size
        The right kind/amount of insulation UNDER the oven floor and over the oven.
        Putting a 1" reveal around the entire inner arch opening to accept a tight door.
        And you get the latest info on the current controversy (or non-controversy) about using a full height soldier course (your 1st course) or just using 2 rows of the half bricks instead of a vertical soldier course.

        It's definitely a project anyone can do and lot's of us "non-contractor-desk-types" have proved, can be built by anyone. So good luck, ask lots of questions. Here is a new web album I just made of my entire build in 100 pics
        Picasa Web Albums - Dino - Oven in 100 pics that might be helpful but it's more fun to check out everyone elses too.

        Cheers, Dino
        "Life is a banquet and most poor sons-of-bitches are starving to death." -Auntie Mame

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          Re: Hello From Sydney

          Cool that is reassuring. I am buying the oven as a kit of Firebricks which I have to cut too size from Field Furnace here in Sydney. They provide a DVD for dummies so I am hoping it shouldn't be too bad.


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            Re: Hello From Sydney

            Any respectable Australian pizza oven kit should include at least one pallet of beer as part of the price.


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              Re: Hello From Sydney

              Originally posted by Tscarborough View Post
              Any respectable Australian pizza oven kit should include at least one pallet of beer as part of the price.
              Would the beer arrive before the build or after? gene


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                Re: Hello From Sydney

                Hey hey slab has been layed.


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                  Re: Hello From Sydney

                  Does anyone know where the indespensible tool can be purchased from? I am going to have issued with the build without a boubt and this thing looks like a great help.