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Hello from Gilbert Arizona

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  • Hello from Gilbert Arizona

    I can't wait to get started, the whole idea of a pizza oven is an addictive thought. Does anyone have any tips on water proofing a relatively flat roof for the brick house oven?

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    Re: Hello from Gilbert Arizona

    Ya, it certainly is addictive. I had so much fun planing the oven then building it.

    Hmmm...weatherproofing a flat roof. Well, I know Drake had 2-3 flat pieces of roofing on his oven. His was with stone slabs I believe. Here is his link:
    and look at post #84 where he says the roofers put pond liner as a water barrier before cementing the stone roof slabs.

    Are you thinking something similar or do you mean a flat rolled, asphalt or some kind of shingle or tile roof?

    Besides your roof, what kind of an oven are thinking of building? (size, igloo, enclosed?)

    So, welcome to the forum, it is a lot of fun and a wealth of helpful information.

    take care, Dino
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