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New guy in Mesa, AZ

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  • New guy in Mesa, AZ

    Hey everyone. My name is Steve. I live in Mesa, AZ and have just begun my Pompeii oven. I poured the foundation Saturday and set the block for the hearth stand this evening after work. Four courses of 8x8x16 block seems pretty low. The floor of the oven will only be about 40 inches high. I'm 6'2" and it seems like I would be bending over all the time. Maybe one more layer of block would put it at a better height. Has anyone out there made their oven higher? With one more course of block the oven floor would be at about 48 inches. Thanks for all the great info. I've been reading several posts already and can see how valuable it is to share ideas and experiences.

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    Re: New guy in Mesa, AZ

    Hi Steve I have my oven floor at 45" I am 6' seems to be a nice compromise for me and the wife she is 5' 3" I think. I just assembled the casa2g.


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      Re: oven floor height

      I appreciate your reply. Congratulations on the new oven. Have you had a chance to fire it up yet? I went ahead and put five layers of block. My wife is 5'2", and we did some measuring. She likes the idea of it being higher as well. We went to my son's sister-in-law's house the other night and made pizzas in their WFO. It has a high floor and I liked it a lot. It felt right. That made it easier to decide. Thanks again for your reply.


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        Re: New guy in Mesa, AZ

        As with all internet forms, if it aint got pictures it didnt happen...
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