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heating with natural gas

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  • heating with natural gas

    I am in an area where using wood as a fuel source just wont work. (I can introduce some shavings at the end of the process to add flavour if required). I am therefore going to have to use natural gas to fire my oven when I construct it. I am wondering if someone has experince with this method. I plan to make a very small oven (large enough for one large pizza only).

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    Re: heating with natural gas


    I don't think you'll find an authority on this kind of installation since we are mostly advocates of fire. Seriously, as attractive (clean, efficient, cost-effective) as natural gas is, here in the US an approved gas-fired oven takes a special burner equipped with sensors and an alarm system should the flame fail with the gas still on.

    Bottom line - the catastrophy of a natural gas exlosion is more prohibitive than the benefits of running gas. If it is not realistic to burn wood in your oven, have you considered a pizza stone for your inside gas oven?


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      Re: heating with natural gas

      I think you should look at an alternative method if you just want to do one pizza at a time and not use wood.

      Take a look over at pizzamaking.com and search for LBE, or even look to google on the frankenwebber.. You could get away with charcoal on those.. or gas.
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        Re: heating with natural gas

        We officially discourage the use of gas in home ovens. It's safety is suspect: unlike an open barbeque, gas can accumulate in a closed dome. We ask all discussions of impromptu gas burners to be taken elsewhere.
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