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Howzit from Cape Town, South Africa

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  • Howzit from Cape Town, South Africa

    Hi everyone,

    This forum has given me a lot of ideas. A while back I read about a guy turning an old oil drum into a pizza oven by burying it in sand in his garden, he used un-glazed tiles to put the pizzas on and just made a fire in the back. So I started reading more and came across this site.

    Well, everyone I've seen is much better than that simple one. So my plans (to keep it cheap and hopefully better than just burying a drum) is to use a half drum for the top. Build up the walls slightly with fire-bricks and a firebrick floor based on a concrete base. Around the top part of the oven I'll insulate it with about 12cm of clay. Chimney will be close to the open side of the drum and the fire at the back end to keep more heat in.

    I used to be a franchisee for a popular wood fired pizza outlet down here, I had twin ovens at around 1.5m in diameter each... don't think I'll need anything that big for personal use ! On a friday I'd have both ovens going and cooking pizzas in just over a minute in the hot oven, and the cooler oven it would take about 3 minutes. I kept a cooler oven for the thick base pizzas which I found wouldn't cook through propery in the hot oven.

    I hope to make a list of everything I used, take pictures, keep track of building process and post the whole thing up here. Ideally I want to mount it on a trailer for camping and as a portable party pizza oven. Just trying to keep the weight down. Feel free to post me links on what you recommend I should read.