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Ovens in Rwanda!

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  • Ovens in Rwanda!

    Hi there,

    I'm originally from Minnesota but have just moved back to Rwanda (after spending a year here) to continue my work for the next year or two. The materials here are pretty basic but I'm really curious and interested in building an oven outdoors, especially since we won't have one indoors. I'm a 100% newbie so honestly don't know a thing about outdoor ovens or even what kind to build. If anyone has any advice on an oven that can be built with raw, easy-to-find materials (such as mud, water, bricks, etc.) I would love to hear it! Thanks

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    Re: Ovens in Rwanda!

    Hello Melissa.....and welcome to the forum

    The forum members will assist you no doubt on your particular build...but here is an interesting link to a build which was shared on the FB forum which you may find interesting ....it shows what is achievable in the remotest of area's where the access to refractory materials is somewhat restricted.


    All the best with your build...

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