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Double Decker is in Deepwater

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  • Double Decker is in Deepwater

    Well a big HI to all out there that have built, are building, thinking of building or even just dreaming of a WFO......

    thanks for all the posts i have read and stayed up many hrs instead of sleeping hehehehe.... A big hi to my mate dave that started me on this path by seeing his WFO he has made 2 now....

    So I have came to the conclusion I only want to build 1 .... just have it so it can be moved it needed(mindyou i will need a mobile crane to pick it up hehe)

    I have started the process by

    # placing down 100mm C channel down and levelling it all then digging down another 50mmso i have a good 6" of slab... ( mymates 1st WFO had 4" slab and I remember him telling me once he wished it was 6" ) so 6" it is straight up

    #then went to town 120Km away and picked up 2cubic mtrs of a Sand/Gravel mix, 24 bags of Cement, 2 full sheets of Reinforcing mesh, 8 x 12mm reo Bar, 60 Full channel Blocks, 6 hlf blocks.... with all that it was a slow trip home hehe the truck was FULL

    # I bought 2 pallets of second hand Fire bricks from a Brickworks that pulled down their Brick Kiln and sold up everything (as the land is worth a fortune that close to town ) .... So i have roughly just over 600 Full fire bricks to use.

    # I have layed down a 2200mm x 2200mm x 150mm slab The slab has reo in it as well as some old loop mesh fencing looping down for extra strenght, I also have Reo Bar bent and tied to the mesh to come up under the slab reo (for lifting if ever needed) and extending 900mm up in the air...

    #I think i will go with the Roman Hall shape rather then the Dome shape of http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f51/...art-14844.html Even though I think he's done an awesome job... We also have lots of people to feed... 7 people in just our household plus when Nana and Grandad come for dinner makes 9... and thats wthout any othersturning up like they do... We can have a normal crowd of up to 20 people so bigger is better...

    # so i have almost laid the first layer of support blocks and already i have worked out I need 4 layers of Blocks rather then 3 so next time im in town must remember another 15 Full channel blocks

    # I will be cutting all bricks to correct angles by using a CAD program i use for my laser cutters..(shame I cant put them in my laser cutter to cut them )
    so that way i use less Mortar and hopefully last longer...

    BUT first things first To FINISH the BASE ...

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    Re: Double Decker is in Deepwater

    What a fun job to do by yourself.... Mind you the wife was hand feeding me and putting the coffee cup up to my lips so i could drink .....Concrete all over the food and cup is definatley not an option hehehehe.... so it took me just over 3 hrs to mix and spread .76 cubic mtrs of concrete..... If you are putting reo bars up in the air please remember to straighten them before the concrete dries...... AND dont let the kids play ring-a-ring-a-rosie around the reo bars before the concrete fully set hehehehe ... So poured concrete on Tuesday...I watered the slab 4-5 times a day til Sunday then started the first layer of Blocks..... mmmm Now i have had 2 days off letting my hands recoup after running Softie hands everywhere and wore holes in my fingers hehehe

    What a softie i have become hahahah

    Skin comes out second best to well most things .....


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      Re: Double Decker is in Deepwater

      I am looking at building a 1200mm x 1200mm internal by 500mm or somewhere in that size area... and seeing as though i have soooooooo many bricks i was thinking of putting them long ways for more thermal mass i havent seen anyone else do this yet so i am still contemplating it still have a couple of weeks to decide

      But hopefully will do a rough running cost of this for others comparisions....

      Fuel 2 x $60 = 120...Blocks 85 x $2.55 = 220 .... 2 cubic mtrs sand gravel $120..... 24 bags cement x $7.50= 180..... Reo Mesh, Bar & Wire $110... Fire Bricks $600

      So a total of $1350 and a longway to go.... If i stop now thats an expensive slab hehehehe
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        Re: Double Decker is in Deepwater

        Originally posted by Double Decker View Post
        i was thinking of putting them long ways for more thermal mass i havent seen anyone else do this yet so
        The reason no one does it is because of the fuel and time load it would take to heat the oven, theres usually a reason.
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