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Dave from London Ontario

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  • Dave from London Ontario


    I just wanted to introduce myself. My name's Dave, I'm a carpenter from London Ontario.

    This spring I had a choice of hauling the accumulating pile of leftover construction materials from behind the shop 150' to a dumpster or hauling it 75' to a nice spot for an oven and I chose the latter. I figured the combination of having surplus material, a constant supply of scrap hardwood from the shop and a love of cooking, eating and entertaining made building a wood fired oven a sensible thing to do. So I downloaded the plans for a brick oven generously offered by Forno Bravo and floated the idea to my wife and partner

    I had a bit of trouble selling my wife on giving up some of her precious garden to build something I had didn't have any expertise in (I'm a good man with hammer and saw by no mean could i ever pass for a brickie). To make a long story short here we are, 6 months later and I treated my family to amazing fresh baked bagels and lox Christmas morning cooked in our brick oven. I still have to build a some doors for the wood storage (I am one job away from a white oak entry door so I'll build the doors at the same time) and next year I have to build a patio and a table. here are a few photo's of the oven construction brick oven - a set on Flickr

    I've got the oven and very primitive cooking skills. I'm now looking to learn how to use it. I've taken a cursory look at the amazing knowledge base on this forum and I feel very fortunate to have found this resource and I hope i'll be able to give back as I learn from you all.

    Anyway I hope you all enjoy this season and experience peace and good fortune in the year to come.

    dave keating

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    Re: Dave from London Ontario

    Well done Dave!

    You will surely find several eBooks at fornobravo.com's store to fill out your pizza and bread repertoire. I learned a LOT from Thefreshloaf.com.

    As for actually cooking with your new toy, I'm learning a lot about using my oven for more than pizza as I read _The art of Wood Fired Cooking_ by A Mungnaini. Good luck to you
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    Lee B.
    DFW area, Texas, USA

    If you are thinking about building a brick oven, my advice is Here.

    I try to learn from my mistakes, and from yours when you give me a heads up.