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  • another Aussie

    Molly and I live in the Yarra Valley on 10 acres so have no shortage of wood for the oven (to be).
    Looking forward to sharing this experience and receiving your ideas and crits.
    We are starting out on a 110cm (42") oven. This will save a few trips into Lygon Street, Carlton, which is the pizza capital of Melbourne.
    Congrats to Forno Bravo for this great resource.

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    Re: another Aussie


    An oven is a real asset these days. Your acreage should keep you in enough wood for sure. Good luck on your oven quest.
    Lee B.
    DFW area, Texas, USA

    If you are thinking about building a brick oven, my advice is Here.

    I try to learn from my mistakes, and from yours when you give me a heads up.


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      Re: another Aussie

      Welcome Andy and Molly,
      I just sent a message to another Australian 'newbie' and you're the second tonight.
      At least the refactory materials are the cheapest in Australia in Victoria, so you oven should not cause too much pain to the pocket.
      Get into it and you should be enjoying it within a month (weekend work only) and make the most of this fine weather
      Always keep the following members informed with progress pics and search the forum for your answers to your queries.
      There is very little if anything that hasn't been sourced previously, but ask if you can't find a suitable solution.


      Prevention is better than cure, - do it right the first time!

      The more I learn, the more I realise how little I know

      Neillís Pompeiii #1
      Neillís kitchen underway


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        Re: another Aussie

        Welcome Andy & Molly!....waitin' for pics...


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          Re: another Aussie

          welcome guys, 42" 'eh....thats a nice size, planning on having a few parties, or because you live on acreage, your making the most of unlimited wood. I do miss acreage, nothing like walking around in the nud......ahhh...love the peace & tranquility
          Pics up when your ready guys, would love to see how your going
          Aussie Pete

          250th Aussie on this forum...."so i was told"