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Moving my oven

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  • Moving my oven

    Has anyone tried moving a brick housed oven from one site to another. I am planning a home extension and my oven is in the way. Is this possible?

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    Re: Moving my oven

    In principal, buildings can be moved and this is often done. For example, bridges are often built nearby and then pushed into place hydraulically, which requires a certain "skid" under the building, which I suppose your oven doesn?t have? .
    The problem seems to be, that your oven was never meant to be moved, so I doubt very much, that it is constructed to withstand the stress?
    If the foundation is strong enough, you could trie to insert two or more I-beams under the foundation-plate, weld them together and lift them (and the oven) up with a crane. Possible, but this sounds really expensive.
    So, if money doesn?t matter, you can do it, but normally I would say "tear it down and start again!" (2525)
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      Re: Moving my oven

      If you really want to do this instead of building again, a bit of pre planning won't go astray. You'll need to guess the weight too for whoever is going to transport the oven. I was asked once what if I moved house and would I be able to take it with me. I've estimated mine at between 5t and 6t, so a decent truck crane is needed!

      The option of rebuilding is probably not a bad one either, it gives you a chance to do things differently/better/preferred the second time round!
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        Re: Moving my oven

        I also am not sure about the foundation under the oven and if it is beefy enough to stand the strain. There are people out there who can do it though. If you are not afraid of a shovel, using a post hole digger horizontally, have four friends who can operate rented jacks simultaneously, and have a straight line of travel to where you are going place it read on.
        It means a hell of a lot of digging to get those two I beams under the oven. I myself saw a house on a monolithic slab moved by pros a few feet to make way for a highway. If that can be done your oven can be moved. I've moved a few things but never a house on a slab of concrete. Where I live there is a church (not on a slab). It is a large crawl space structure that my dad helped move way before my time. They jacked it up and lowered it down on to poles for rollers. Using the many skids that they placed under the existing sills, they moved the structure by mules. I'm not sure how many.
        As the structure rolled forward the poles from the rear of the church were moved to the front to keep the momentum going.
        Damn, I hope that I never have to do this .
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          Re: Moving my oven

          Thanks for your input guys. I think my solution is to tear down and start again. Hopefully I can save the oven and resite it further up the yard. Any tips here for demolition and rebuilding?


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            Re: Moving my oven

            Its brick housed.... but the oven shell ? brick or cast?

            Regards Dave
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