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  • Brand New Primavera 70

    I was warned before my first military tour to Italy to go to my favorite pizza place and enjoy, savor my last American pizza because after Italy, I'd never be satisfied again. No kidding! So, 5 years after retiring and settling down, I finally ordered my own Pizza Oven. My Primavera 70 arrived in May and it took me until mid-August to put together a team of guys to set it up-unless you have access to a handful of motivated young strappers-plan on hiring some experienced movers to manage this effort. Mission accomplished!!

    Noticed the bottom of the oven is Styrofoam and we all wondered if that was part of the insulation, or if it should be removed before firing.

    I'm brand new to all of this, but looking so forward to the day I can replicate a Sicilian wood fired pizza at home in addition to the other baking I will be able to do with it. I having I've been reading the posts about curing, starting with newspaper fires. How long should I plan to keep it going? Just up to temp and cool once, or should I plan repeat throughout the day, or maintain one long fire at that temp? Any suggestion on how to get started with curing, building those fires and maintaining the temp will be greatly appreciated?