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Hello from Aus. Thanks for all the help

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  • Hello from Aus. Thanks for all the help

    Hi guys,

    I've been a long time lurker of these forums, it was my primary resource for building my oven.

    I spent hours trawling through discussions and looking up ways of mixing mortar, and the end result is a bonafide pizza oven.

    It's not the most efficient, attractive or effective oven ever, but I'm pretty proud of it (especially since it is mostly recycled materials)

    We had heaps of baked clay pavers left over from a renovation years ago. I read that they could withstand some heat, and the oven idea was born.

    I laid a double layer of pavers onto pounded sand and gravel, sloshed it with concrete slurry and built my support straight on top.

    I laid some rebar in cement across the central gap to level it off and then placed 600mm concrete slabs on top, one cut in half to form the triangular front. We wanted the oven mouth to face the whole garden.

    Then I built my double brick walls, and triple brick rear arch out of red pavers and homemade refractory mortar. In went a layer of ceramic insulation (also secondhand) and a floor of firebrick.

    Then I sealed the whole thing with two consecutive layers of concrete, one thick layer of vermillicrete and a final concrete render.

    We took advantage of the curing fired to cook a few pizzas, it has been a roaring success. Looking forward to getting final layers of insulation on to attempt baking.

    Thanks again to the experts and contributors to these forums, whether you intended it or not this is the go-to for any and every info on wood fired ovens.