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Future builder in Central Texas (Lakeway)

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  • Future builder in Central Texas (Lakeway)

    Hi all!

    Pfennig in Lakeway TX here!

    I'm a ways away from construction, but starting on destruction now. See, I have this old above ground hot-tub that we never use. The wood surround is finally rotting out from under the layers of preservative, and it's an eyesore. Time for it to go.

    Translation: I have a 7' 8" wide by 8' 0" deep concrete slab already set into my flagstone patio.
    (anyone want a cheap fiberglass hot-tub? it is functional)

    Since the slab under the hot-tub isn't exactly attractive, I will need to do something there eventually. I thought about an in-ground pool, but that is a lot of money and effort, and I don't particularly like drowning pits around the kids. I thought about a full outdoor kitchen, but a square isn't exactly the right shape for that. I thought about a firepit, but I don't have natural gas at my house and a wood burning pit sounded really messy/smoky.

    Then I found Forno Bravo..... YES!

    I'm not planning a huge 8'x8' pizza oven , but I am considering combining a pizza oven, propane grill, and propane firepit into my square area. So I spent Thanksgiving reading many threads about oven construction, and hope that sometime before next summer I might start construction on a ~46" outer insulated diameter dome build!

    I've joined the Texas group here, and found some other TX builders (e.g. http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f3/b...xas-17263.html -- Dripping Springs is near Lakeway). Hopefully I'll be able to lean on a few folks for tips on where to get supplies.

    I've sketched out my general plan on Sketchup, will try to post a pic next...

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    Re: Future builder in Central Texas (Lakeway)

    I've put a pic in a new thread titled "Square kitchen on old hottub slab. Ideas?" in the outdoor kitchen forum:


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      Re: Future builder in Central Texas (Lakeway)

      Future builder?

      Id like my future built, what do you have in store for me?
      The English language was invented by people who couldnt spell.

      My Build.



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        Re: Future builder in Central Texas (Lakeway)


        We just finished our own oven up here in West ( 1/2 hour outside of Waco). It was over a year in the planning and building, as we worked hard to scrounge bricks and find sources for needed materials.

        If you are in need of stuff ( we have some to sell reasonably or negotiable for a bundle ).....we have left over bricks, some ceramic blanket, a brick saw (Harbor Freight special!!).

        You are going to love the process, no matter how long it takes you. The first time I cooked a pizza ( under 90 secs ) was amazing! And the fact that the oven holds on to temps for 2 or 3 days makes cooking lots of fun! So many different opportunities!!!

        knowledge is contagious, spread the infection!!!


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          Re: Future builder in Central Texas (Lakeway)


          This forum was invaluable in my build, and I'm sure you will have a successful build. The brick saw I used was my most resourceful tool.

          I have two forms that I used for my arches, you are welcome to them.

          Our oven has been better than I could ever imagine.
          Oven build 2010
          Masonry veneer finishout 2012